Photography is a recent hobby I've picked up for fun! I constantly upload photos of beautiful landscapes where I come to clear my head, as well as capturing the most meaningful moments of people that are close to me. Here is my portfolio of photography work I have done, both for work and for love, from babies to bread.

Coming soon...

The following updates are intended to be finalised by the end of 2022:

  • A wedding album will be created, due to my nephew getting married at the end of June! I intend on testing how well I can do wedding photography from here. 

  • A landscape album will eventually be made, as I am now taking landscape photos with an actual camera instead of my phone, so there will be new content involving everything to do with my little trips.

  • If I can add more family photography, I intend on merging it with the baby and toddler album by making clickable buttons on the page. 

  • The photography page will get a new look entirely, having clickable redirection buttons so that more categories can be made without making the page too cluttered.

Note: Model surnames will only have initials for privacy protection. For example Shawn Duffy would be Shawn D. if categorized as a model unless stated otherwise by adults that are photographed.


Shawn Duffy is an aspiring artist trying to gain experience through work. Why not commission her, where you will get a lot of love and style into your favourite characters? You can check out Shawn's social media below to see what she is up to. Please check the 'About' page if you wish to enquire about any projects!

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