Welcome to my commission page! My work isn't necessarily just limited to doing this, they are just major examples of categories I tend to do. Feel free to contact me for enquiries, whether it's one of these or talking something over! If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ page before messaging. Thank you!

Avatars: £35
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Polished and professional-looking simple lineless-only cartoon avatars. These are fully coloured single-character head shots for your social media to represent yourself to your fullest potential, just like mine! Great for branding and showing your identity to the world. I can also do simple animated icons, such as blinking or a moving background, though animation is a £5 fee.


A sketch of your choice. These could be considered 'lower quality inks' and are generally used for people wanting quick and easy work. These can also come in illustration style if needed. These are considered lower quality compared to my other tiers, but works as some sort of tip for my work and a personal thank you from me to you. Quick sketches are generally just one, while sketch pages have up to 3. Sketch pages of course, slightly cost a bit more than singular ones!

Black and White Inked Illustrations = £50
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Cartoon illustrations depicting a character of your choice in a black and white or 'inked' style, mostly emphasizing on stylish line art and greyscale work.

 Full Colour Illustrations = £50+
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Cartoon illustrations depicting a character of your choice that are fully coloured for your enjoyment. Can be lined or lineless. Please let me know what you’d prefer. Mostly for fictional characters revolving around character design, but can do real people as well in more of a caricature style.

1 Character = £50

2 Characters = £65

3 Characters = £80

4 Characters = £90

5 Characters = £105 

6 Characters = £120

7 Characters = £135

8 Characters = £150

Custom Emoji Set of 9 = £50 (*Still) £75 (*Animated)

Want some cool custom icons to represent yourself? For Discord, Twitch or even just for a streaming website, these emojis are specifically made to be bold so they stand out even at their tiniest. Paying £50 for still or £75 for animation will grant you a set of 9 custom emojis decided by you.


Please note that I work really well with a visual reference, so if there are particular ones you want, such as memes or well-known expressions, please feel free to provide them! 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! to see more information, please redirect yourself back to the FAQ page!


Shawn Duffy is an aspiring artist trying to gain experience through work. Why not commission her, where you will get a lot of love and style into your favourite characters? You can check out Shawn's social media below to see what she is up to.

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