Welcome to my Commission FAQ page! This answers any questions you may have about my terms of service when it comes to my freelance work for other people. This mostly applies to singular artists but may apply to companies as well depending on the circumstances of the requested work. Remember that you are free to contact me any time if you have questions about this kind of work; I will be happy to answer them.

Note that the client DOES NOT HAVE TO PAY until the preview sketch process is finished and approved of. However, I will not carry on with completing your work until you have paid. Any completed commission slots are archived each month.

General Information

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to my terms of service.

  • These terms can and will change at any time without warning.

  • I have the right to decline any commission and am not obligated to provide a reason for doing so.

  • I do not begin working until I receive payment. Image wise, I will send my client a preview sketch before continuing my work to see if changes are needed. For animation of course, the project is bigger, so I will send an animatic of the work to begin; after receiving payment, I will continue to show progress; I keep the file at all times until the project is complete, so I can easily make changes whenever requested.

  • Tell me everything you want before you send the payment. If you want something completely different after the commission is done, you will not receive a refund.

  • Any edits to my work are to be done with my permission only.

  • I work best with a thorough, detailed visual reference.


Art is a luxury. If the prices are too high for you, that’s on you. I have responsibilities too. Please DO NOT contact me for a commission if you don’t have any intention to go through with it. Canceling at the last minute or deliberately delaying an artist when they need the work time is not okay and is even considered to be very rude in both the industry and the freelance community. Please contact me when you have everything beforehand and you know what you'd like to be made. People with a record of behaviour like this will be openly blacklisted and blocked.

I am willing to draw
I am NOT willing to draw
  • Real people: see custom portraits!

  • Humans/Humanoid characters: I am not good at drawing furries unless it’s in a cartoon art style and not the stereotypical ‘anthro dog’ style. Please keep that in mind.

  • Gore, Body Horror and Nudity: Artistic nude and horror art is NSFW content I am very much comfortable doing.

  • Imitations of 'official' art styles: mostly for holiday gifts. A lot of people request themselves in well known cartoon art styles or as a present to a partner or friend, such as Rick and Morty.

  • Animals: Feral ones in my own cartoony art style. 

  • Explicit sexual content: I’m intending to build my portfolio as of right now, so I want a fair amount of art I could easily show off to all audiences.

  • Heavily complex character designs: Characters with ridiculous amounts of accessories and detail are something I simply cannot pull off in my style. 

  • Anything depicting hate speech: Whenever I’ve drawn political content it’s to experiment with caricatures. I refuse to make artwork to promote propaganda or any form of motivated hatred.

  • Sexualised minors: any characters under the age of 18 in sexual situations. (Otherwise known as loli, shota or cub.) 

  • Works for NFT use: Certainly not my thing. Sorry!

  • I only accept payment in GBP through PayPal and I do not begin work after preview sketches until the payment is received in full. Please let me know when the money has been sent, as I will not begin working until I am notified of this. Don’t send the payment to me as a gift, as this goes against PayPal’s TOS. You are paying for goods & services. No shipping/address is required, as I only provide digital art.

  • I will not change my prices for specific commissions. Do NOT try to haggle with me or attempt to get a discount, you'll be wasting your time. The prices listed are base prices and may become higher if the commission is difficult or very detailed.

  • Changes made to the sketch will usually be done without additional charges.

  • I will only give full refunds if no work has been completed. If work has been completed but not fully, I will only issue a partial refund if there is a reason to. 

  • I will make three free changes before charging extra. This means I will not tolerate being requested to make several minor changes individually rather than all at once without compensation. If you want me to change several things, tell me all at once rather than waiting for me to finish the first change.

  • If additional changes are requested after the customer approves the final commission, these changes will cost extra.

  • Major changes of any kind will cost extra at a bigger fee after the commission is complete. If the request was not specified at the beginning of the commission request (ex – a specific pose), the change will cost a large fee.

  • I retain credit and rights to every image I produce, even when working with a company. 

  • The products may be posted to other websites by the commissioner if credit is given.



Shawn Duffy is an aspiring artist trying to gain experience through work. Why not commission her, where you will get a lot of love and style into your favourite characters? You can check out Shawn's social media below to see what she is up to. Please check the 'About' page if you wish to enquire about any projects!

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