Hullo, I'm Shawn Duffy!

Greetings! I am a freelance illustrator specialising in 2D Animation, focused on a direction for cartoons and comics. I am a recent University Graduate, getting my First Class Ba (Hons) degree in Animation. 


I have been fascinated with cartoons and drawing ever since I was in Primary school, and my bigger aspirations include working towards an industrial standard, as well as filling up my portfolio with various little adventures throughout my twenties! Some of my bigger goals include potentially publishing a book or creating various short films. My outlook has always been realistic, however, I believe that it's possible to work towards a creative path, even if your direction may be a little different from other people.

My personal interests include cats, rock music, true crime, photography, horror films, gaming, super villains, and watching animated films to gush over the animation all over again!

 I tend to specialise in Pre-Production 2D work. However, I have always enjoyed being a part of multiple collaborative projects and I am always looking for new opportunities. I am available for personal commissions and bigger projects, so please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to make something magical!

Please contact me at shawnduffy81@gmail.com, or use the form below!


Thank you for the message, I'll get back to you soon!


Shawn Duffy is an aspiring artist trying to gain experience through work. Why not commission her, where you will get a lot of love and style into your favourite characters? You can check out Shawn's social media below to see what she is up to. Please check the 'About' page if you wish to enquire about any projects!

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