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Shawn Duffy is a 22 year old artist figuring out a complicated but fun life of experience and independence. All of her work specialises in mostly 2D and cartoonishly styled work that has been developed since her cringy days as a 13 year old edgy comic fanatic. Shawn also has the ability to hide in your ceiling and plots to take over the world with her two cats.

Shawn's current projects involve practicing her evil laughter, developing a comedy series called Questland, opening up an Etsy Shop, attempting to improve this godforsaken website's banners, and make some more artwork and animation to better reflect her recent improvement. The ultimate target is to basically never give up, even if it's baby steps!



Shawn Duffy is an aspiring artist trying to gain experience through work. Why not commission her, where you will get a lot of love and style into your favourite characters? You can check out Shawn's social media below to see what she is up to. Please check the 'About' page if you wish to enquire about any projects!

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